Jailbroken iOS 5 can now install widgets

• 13/06/2011


It was just last week we had heard all about Apple’s new latest greatest iOS 5, and it was a day later that we heard it was already jailbroken. With that comes some interesting apps you can install, and this one will finally allow you to install widgets on your iOS device, just like what the Android platform as. Now, mind you Android apps all have the option to have widgets if the developer built that functionality in, and here, for iOS 5 is just a small taste of what Android users rave over Apple iOS devices.

The new iOS 5 offers widgets for stocks and weather built in as stock, which is a huge leap ahead for them, but what about a music widget? After a jailbreak, that’s covered by an app called MusicCenter. This app will show you music info like the pic above. It’ll be nice to see what other apps get made with widget support on iOS 5. Here for more details.

[Via – BGR]

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