Is HP WebOS better than Apple iOS 5 notifications?

• 09/06/2011

What’s worse than a terrible feature and the way it performs? An improvement to that feature that make it worse to use then before. Apple’s iOS 5 notification Center revamp has its advantages, which seem to be much better than the previous iOS intrusions for notifications, but a few things still need to be improved upon. As a writer at BGR has pointed out, the layout can be more troublesome, as when you receive a notification now in iOS 5, the notification bar at the top will keep the icon, but it will push over top of some icons on your Home screen, making it hard for you to ignore the notifications and move into an app. This may result in you accidentally opening the notification rather than the app that now has a partially covered icon.

Yes, poor placement. HP’s WebOS on the other hand has thought of this, and when a notification comes in, it pushed the entire UI up a bit and keeps the little notification icons under it, so you are free to move around in your OS without accidentally hitting the notification area if you’re trying to avoid it.

[Via – BGR]

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