iPhone Passwords hacked in 6 minutes by researchers – be afraid

• 10/02/2011

iphone pwhack

It’s only ever a matter of time before we lose our cellphones somewhere, whether it be at a friends place, getting out of the vehicle, or at the local pub. Some have taken security and protection to new levels by adding software that allows them to lock or wipe their phone data in the event its lost or stolen as well. That’s all fine, and probably still a good idea regardless, but researchers (not criminals) at Fraunhofer SIT have found a way to hack your personal data and passwords on your jailbroken iPhone from the iOS keychain. This process only took them 6 minutes using known iOS exploits. This could be done before you have the chance to wipe your data, so dont let your phone fall into the hands of evil doers… as seen in the video below, all they have to do know is watch the criminal tutorial now online at youtube!

YouTube Preview Image

[Source – PCWorld]

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