iPhone Alerts better with MobileNotifier

• 02/03/2011


Say goodbye to lame push notifications on your jailbroken iPhone courtesy of MobileNotifier.

MobileNotifier beta v3 is a free open-source rewrite of iOS’ notifications from Peter Hajas (lead developer) and Kyle Adams (UI and UX).  MobileNotifier adds unobtrusive alerts at the top of your existing app which you can ignore and continue using your device uninhibited.  This is a big change from the existing iPhone push notifications which interrupt your in-app experience, forcing you to take action to either ignore or view it.

Pending alerts can be found in the AlertDashboard — the previously unused area above the app switcher, accessible with a double-press of the iPhone’s home button. Pending alert counts are also displayed as a line item on the Lockscreen.

Some imperfections, such as opaque windows, do exist but it’s a handy alternative to the standard push notifications.

Perhaps the new iPhone 5 will have some improvements to the existing notification system built-in to the next generation device.  We’ll find out soon enough. Like, hopefully today.

See the MobileNotifier beta 3 demo video:

YouTube Preview Image

[Source – Engadget]

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