iPhone 6 : What to Expect?

• 23/02/2012

Although the Apple iPhone 5 is yet to be announced, users over the Web have already started searching for the iPhone 6 features, specifications, and more enthusiastically the design. It’s quite funny to know how obsessed people have become with Apple products, especially with the iPhone and iPad.

With such a huge popularity, Apple doesn’t really have to shell out cash for advertising or marketing their products. Word of mouth alone is enough for Apple to stay ahead of the competition.


I must confess that it has become more like a competition between fans to find information of the unannounced products. As I was doing my research on this, I found a number of blogs dedicated to the iPhone 6 already, and to my surprise, they are updated quite regularly.

The Apple iPhone 6 is far away from its actual release. With Apple releasing different versions of the iPhone (“S” launches), it’ll definitely take a few more years before Apple announces the iPhone 6.

At this point in time, there is very little information available about the features, specifications and designs of the iPhone 6. We don’t even know if the 6th generation of the iPhone will even be called ‘iPhone 6′ or something else. However, what we know and have analyzed that fans across the Web have a lot of expectations especially with designs.


iPhone 6 to have p-Si LCD Screen

p-Si LCD is the next generation display technology developed by Sharp. It stands for PolySilicon Liquid Crystal Display, and has a number of advancements and new features, which is probably expected to feature in the iPhone 6. One of the major advantage of the p-Si LCD screen is the monolithic integration – the driver circuits of the display can be integrated directly into display.

It is also said that the screen is made thinner and lighter while consuming less battery power compared to the current LCD technologies.

iPhone 6 to have a Projector

There are possibilities that the iPhone 6 will feature a built-in projector facility enabling users to project a video or image on a flat surface at a short distance. The detailed patent application reveals how Apple has been working on a Pico-like projector for iOS devices and how these projectors will work with a shared workspace in presentations.

This will include advanced gestures that will be able to interpret shadow and silhouette gesturing associated with presentations in a darkened environment.


Wireless iPhone 6 Charging

Apple has been experimenting with the new feature that enables the user to charge the iPhone wirelessly. With the popularity of inductive charging, which uses electromagnetics to wirelessly charge a device, it would definitely come as a surprise to all Apple fans if the iPhone 6 will be capable of doing the same. There are few phones in the market that have already been experimenting with the inductive charging technology.

It is also rumoured that Apple has been working on to charge a device using solar charger.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference in June last year, the most promising feature of the iOS 5 was the capability of receiving updates wirelessly. That way, users will no longer have to connect their iPhone to a computer and use iTunes to transfer data.


Other Features in the iPhone 6

Apart from all these, we expect that the iPhone 6 will include the following features. Although most of them will be present in the iPhone 5, we can expect some advance technologies and updates in them:



In the world of multitasking and quad core processors, Apple will certainly look forward to develop the iPhone 6 in a way to handle multiple tasks efficiently and quickly.


Videos & Photos

I’m sure that the iPhone 6 will feature the world’s best camera with advance technology. With such a huge popularity in the field of photography, I think that the iPhone 6 will completely replace the point and shoot digital cameras. I presume that the 6th generation of the iPhone will have better resolution camera with HD quality video recording.



It is going to be much easier to organize and access your files and photos in the iPhone 6. Apple will surely work on this to make user experience friendly enough. Perhaps there could be a separate folder for several categories like health, finance, games, and so on.


128 GB Storage Space

In addition to the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, Apple plans to include another version of the iPhone with a storage capacity of 128GB, and will be priced at a considerably higher price tag.

Some people say that the iPhone 5 should be technically called as the iPhone 6, since Apple released the iPhone 4S, which was supposed to be the iPhone 5. Well in that case, if the iPhone 5 is called as the iPhone 6, then we might expect a release sometime during this year. However, launching the next iPhone as iPhone 6 is something which I don’t foresee and this should simply remain a rumor.

Well, no matter when the iPhone 6 will release, it is certainly going to blow everyone’s mind by giving the greatest experience to users with some of the world’s best and outstanding technology. Until then, let the crazy talks about the iPhone 6 continue to boom!

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