iPhone 5 will be a global device – Verizon CFO slips

• 22/04/2011

apple iphone5 launching september 2011

The CFO of Verizon Fran Shammo let something slip out the other day when asked about Verizon‘s earnings call and the amount of iPhone activations with Verizon. Here’s what he mentioned;

The fluctuation, I believe, will come when a new device from Apple is launched, whenever that may be, and that we will be, on the first time, on equal footing with our competitors on a new phone hitting the market, which will also be a global device.

That statement leads us to believe that the iPhone 5 will be a global device, which makes sense seeing as Apple is interested in multiple carriers pushing the iPhone since Verizon launched it as well after AT&T had it exclusively for 3 years in the US. Another brick in the wall of iPhone 5 rumors.

[Via – Engadget]

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