iPhone 5 may have metal case, larger display

• 18/03/2011

Rumors are swirling around the newest soon-to-be member in the iPhone family, the iPhone 5.

According to the folks at 9to5 Mac, who claim to have a solid source at Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer responsible for building the iPhone, that iPhone 5 production is getting under way.

Considering we can expect the iPhone 5 to launch in June, it’s not all that shocking that Foxconn would begin work on building these beauties.

What does the source share?  The new iPhone 5 will remain basically the same aside from two main design changes compared to the iPhone 4.  They say we can expect to see a larger display and a metal case back.

A throwback to the original iPhone, no?

And apparently people dig the metal look, because they’re making fancy little metal-look stickers to skin iPhone 4′s.  Just imagine the iPhone 5 looks like this:

(And to be perfectly clear, this is NOT the iPhone 5.  It literally is an iPhone 4 that’s been skinned with a metal-looking finish or a metal-look case.)

Could this mean the signal attenuation issues that some original iPhone users blamed on the metal case will return with the iPhone 5?  And honestly, would something as silly as dropped calls and antenna attenuation really prevent all those loyal iPhone users from upgrading to the iPhone 5?  Not likely.

[Source – BGR and 9to5 Mac]

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