iPhone 5 design and specs leaked – fall launch 2011

• 19/04/2011

apple iphone5 launching september 2011

A few details have made their way out from trusted sources who got word from suppliers for Apple, that the next generation iPhone 5 will have an 8megapixel camera on the back, an improved Antenna design, the same A5 processor used in the iPad 2, and sadly, the same body style as the iPhone 4. Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities is the tipster here, and he’s been bang-on in the past for Apple news and insider scoops, so we really have no reason not to trust this news as far as we can throw it.

Speculation of when Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 has been rumored around September 2011 or early in June 2011. The natural disasters in Japan however have made headlines to supplies for these devices being short, and thus a September launch is much more likely, which again is brought out by Ming-Chi Kuo’s sources. So, it’s safe to say no iPhone 5 until the fall 2011, also, possibly no iPod Touch until 2012.

[Via – Engadget | AppleInsider]

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