iPhone 5 to Debut on October 15: France Telecom CEO

• 14/09/2011


Here comes some good news for all you iPhone freaks out there who are awaiting the launch of the next generation phone for Apple. For the past few months, you have been bombarded with rumors pertaining to the device – without any official confirmation. While we still do not have the (much sought after) official confirmation, we do have some good news coming from none other than Stéphane Richard, the CEO of France Telecom.



What good news could a CEO from a telecom company could possibly give you, you might be wondering!

According to Richard, the iPhone 5 will make its official debut on October 15 2011. While this lines up perfectly with the “mid October” release that we have been hearing about all along, it is always nice to have a confirmation of sorts. What we don’t know however is whether Richard’s launch date announcement is based on pure insider info that he has access to – or if it is just an assumption made on the basis of the dates we have been hearing about during the course of the past few months.

Another notable thing is the fact that if the iPhone 5 does launch on October 15th, it’s going to be a Saturday. Apple, who has had a history of launching the iPhone on Thursdays and Fridays, is surely dong something unconventional here if the launch does indeed happen on Saturday. There are however others who believe that Apple could launch the phone a day earlier – while some others opined that Apple could prepone the launch by a week.


(source – macrumors.com)

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