iPhone 5, 4-inch display, metal chassis launching in Q3?

• 24/03/2011

According to last Tuesday’s edition of The China Times the Apple iPhone 5 smartphone has entered trial production and is scheduled for a third-quarter launch.

The iPhone 4 was released late in the second quarter of 2010, which would lead some to think that the iPhone 5 would be following a similar schedule.  Others speculate that Apple may push back the release to Q3 to allow time for Verizon to sell more of the iPhone 4 that they’ve just made available as of February 2011.  A little space between launches can be a good thing.

The China Times shares that the iPhone 5 will resemble the current iPhone 4 in many ways with a few differentiating features:

  • A larger 4-inch display that may stretch further to the edge of the device.
  • A metal chassis in place of the current model’s glass case.
  • An NFC chip, allowing close-proximity wireless payments (which seems to be supported by Monday’s announcement from Qualcomm that they will be supplying NFC chips for the Apple iPhone 5).

Q3 isn’t all that far away so hopefully reports are right and we can see the launch of iPhone 5 soon enough.

[Source – BGR]

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