iPad2 specs get leaked – what happened to Apple’s innovation?

• 25/02/2011


Here we go with more Apple iPad2 rumors to start a Friday off right. It’s possible, according to several sources close to the project, that the apple iPad2 will be without some of the features we were most excited about. What is Apple thinking!? They may be removing the SD Slot, and the display specs are staying the same as the first iPad. The reasons for such atrocities are possibly ‘engineering issues’ forcing Apple to remove some of its earlier leaked specs.

Terrible move! In fact, I was ready to buy an iPad2 just for the fact it would have SD Slot support, which has always been my biggest issue with the mobile Apple products, iPod, Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Please give us the option of removable memory!!!

Anyway, what we will see should be nothing shocking, as in the usual thinner, leaner, faster, stronger Apple mentality of new products. Ok, and a new faster chip (A5) and 512MB RAM. No biggie when you look at what’s been going into new Android tablets. What happened to Apple’s innovation? They should take a few notes from this guy.

[Source – Engadget]

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