iPad To Dominate Tablet Sales Till 2014

• 22/09/2011

Even though Google has managed to leave iOS far behind when it comes to the smartphones market share race, it would take Android a couple of more years to achieve the same feat in the tablets space, if we are to believe a recent report by Gartner.

The report released earlier this week adds that Microsoft would have a hard time breaking in to this competitive space with its Windows 8 platform which did manage to evict rave reviews from users and enthusiasts alike. However that doesn’t seem to be enough. Although personally, I do feel that Microsoft’s gamble may just pay off.

According to Carolina Milanesi, a senior official from Gartner, Apple will continue to have well over 50 per cent of the tablets market share even in 2014. While it is expected to shed its highly dominant 83 per cent market share from 2010 to 73.4 per cent in 2011, the fall would be much gradual that Android would have liked. Gartner also adds that they do not think any other Tablet platform would be able to garner more than 5 per cent market share this year.

The thing in favor of Android seems to be its next release, the Ice Cream Sandwich which is said to lessen the fragmentation seen on Android devices these days. With that version of the OS, Android should have something in hand to take Apple head on. But would that be enough to do what Android managed to do in the smartphones space?  What do you think?


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