iPad and iPhone to lose the Home Button – new iPad2 and iPhone devices revealed

• 14/01/2011


BGR is reporting that they received some information which points to the iPad and iPhone losing their home button on the front of the devices to make way for the “Multi-touch” gestures being built into iOS 4.3. We don’t know exactly when we may see this type of design come out, but speculation over the iOS 4.3 code has shown that this functionality is being included, and we have heard rumors about the iPad2 coming out sometime this year.


Seen in the photo above are a few hints at new Apple devices in the iOS code. For example, the iPhone3,1, is the AT&T iPhone4, likewise the iPhone3,2, is the Verizon iPhone4 CDMA version. Looking at the code, you can see iPhone3,3, iPhone4,1 and iPhone4,2, as well as iPad2,1, iPad2,2 and iPad2,3. Leads us to believe that another carrier or version of the iPhone4 will come out very soon, also, the iPad2 will have 3 variants released as well, maybe 4G only, Wi-Fi only, and one with both. we’ll see in the very near future.

Apple employees are currently testing iPhones and iPads without home buttons on their devices right now, so it lends itself to believe that we’ll see this sooner than later. Looks like Steve Jobs is getting his way now, since it’s been known he didn’t want any buttons on the iphone originally.

[Source – BGR, Engadget]

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