iPad 3 will not have retina display? will it be 4G?

• 13/04/2011

apple ipad 3 retina display 4G

This is all merely rumor right now, but sources are telling DigiTimes that the iPad 3 will likely not have the famous ‘retina display’ in it’s new models, which some speculate to come out this year still.

Why would apple send out an iPad 3 a few months after it launched the VERY successful iPad 2? Who knows, I could only speculate its because they need to put in 4G capabilities as carriers all launch the service nationwide and the iPad 2 may run out of components to keep manufacturing after the natural disasters that struck Japan, as such, changing the technology in the iPad 3 would make sense from a manufacturing standpoint. But, this is again, rumor and speculation.

[Via – BGR | DigiTimes]

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