iPad 2 installed in a Ford F150 truck by SoundMan

• 14/03/2011

One part of me says ‘Why!?’ while another part says ‘Why not?!’.

That’s right, SoundMan Audio has gone to the next level and within just a few days of the iPad 2 in-store release has outfitted a 2010 Ford F150 pickup truck with one.  So now, there is a truck that can make FaceTime video calls, browse the Internet and play Pandora too.

Not to knock the crew at SoundMan but I have to ask.  Do the roads really need more distracted FaceTime-ing drivers?  I’m just curious, that’s all.

Still, it’s kind of cool and you should check out their handiwork in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

[Source – Engadget]

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