iPad 2 backlight bleeding issues

• 14/03/2011

Just a few days after loyal Apple-ists bought generation 2 iPads and defects are being reported by many.  Gasp!

First defect that has been reported is the appearance of yellow bubbles under the LCD glass.  Similar to the iPhone 4 fresh-from-the-factory issue that arose last year.  The issue resolved itself as soon as the bonding agent used for the LCD screen had evaporated.  Hopefully this is will be the same for the iPad 2.

Secondly, is the light bleeding through the edges of the LCD panel.  You’ll notice it more when the screen is darker – like during a dark scene in a movie, or while using a dark-screened app.  For some, adjusting the brightness setting improves the problem, and for others it makes it worse.

You can see this defect shown in the above photo and the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

[Source – Engadget]

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