iOS 5 beta is burning down the house… is Apple under ‘fire’ for bad code?

• 08/07/2011

iOS 5 burned cable

Yes, beta can make your dreams come true, or it can burn them down. In this case, they can burn your iPhone 4 cabel down as seen above. Developer Gus Pinto tweeted earlier that while testing iOS 5 on his iPhone 4, he noticed it running hot, and then saw small flames that ended up burning his icable. Yup.

Here’s what he said via Twitter, “My charging cable caught on fire while charging my iPhone 4 running iOS5. #fail”. This obviously isn’t a wide spread issue, or Apple would be under a lot of ‘Fire’ for it…haha, see what I just did there… anyway, noone else has come forward with the same claim, so it may have been a faulty line of code in iOS 5, combined with a hot day, faulty cable and a full moon. Regardless, it melted much like an Ice Cream Sandwich on a hot day (not to be confused with Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS, ooh, I’m at it again).

Need a new cable?

[Via – MobileCrunch | Twitter]

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