iCloud and iTunes Match coming soon to United Kingdom, Germany, France …

• 02/10/2011

inbrief-itunes-match-This is definitely a great news for all those music lovers in United Kingdom, Germany, France and other countries as Apple may announce this Tuesday their plans for international support for the iCloud and iTunes Match. It was in CNET that this news was first reported.

It was in June that Steve Jobs announced that the Apple’s iCloud online storage service was only available for the Apple users in United States, and ever since that time the international stakeholders of the company were discussing the plans of making the iCloud online storage service to be available in other countries.

It stated: The sources said Apple is close to reaching deals with the right holders, but nothing is signed. An Apple representative declined to comment.

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The iCloud service is free of charge in the United States with its beta platform, which allows the apple users to share wirelessly their music, photos, calendars, email, files and other data. However, the real deal is the iTunes Match which is it’s main component, currently available in iTunes store at $24.99. The iTunes music files can be sync “in a cloud,” and it would not even matter if the songs were from original CDs or illegal sources.

Granting that this report is correct (there are many reasons to believe it) Apple users in United Kingdom, Germany, France and other countries would be able  to use  iCloud service very soon.

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