Fox news anchor licks an iPad in hopes she could taste beer – senses FAIL

• 07/04/2011

shocktop ipad app free april fools fox news

On Fox news in San Diego (yes, fox…), a news anchor by the name of Raoul Martinez pulled an April Fool’s day prank on his co-anchor Shally Zomorodi. The trick was set up as an actual news piece that they were covering about an app called Shock Top, where the app claims to be able to transmit the smell and taste of the popular beer through your iPad or iPhone using a special, new technology. Truly a great piece and well-planned joke!

After watching this video, brunettes everywhere petitioned for the gullible news anchor to permanently die her hair blonde, while blondes everywhere rejoiced in the fact that they were not the punchline in this awesome tale of prankiness… :P

Check out the full Prank below on video!

[Via – BGR]

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