Evernote 4 for iPhone available, completely redesigned

• 02/03/2011

Evernote has unveiled version 4 of their iPhone app and the changes are noteworthy.  Excuse the sad attempt at word-play.

What are some of the improvements?

The home screen is completely redesigned to show snippets of notes which makes the app useful the moment you launch it and quite the time-saver.

Creating a new note in Evernote version 4 has been upgraded with the option to embed images from your photo roll, take new pictures, and record audio in addition to the traditional typing text notes.  You can add multiple media types to a single note, which is pretty handy.  Evernote thinks so too, according to their blog post about the updates, “So, if you’re sitting in a meeting or lecture, you can have notes, recorded audio and a whiteboard snapshot all in a single note.”

The multiple notebook functionality has improved as well.  You can now view a list of notes in a specific notebook and view a list of all the tags you’ve assigned to notes across all notebooks.

While this update is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, it’s expected that Evernote 4 will make it’s way to the iPad device soon enough.

Interestingly, the majority of these updates in Evernote 4 are a direct result of user feedback.  It’s pretty sweet to see a company who actually listens to their users, then takes what they suggest and make a better app because of it.

[Source – MobileCrunch]

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