Does the Apple iPad 2 have Wi-Fi connection issues?

• 26/03/2011


Is this another ‘Antennagate‘ issue in the making? Will we see Steve Jobs defend the iPad 2 Wi-Fi connection rumors by saying that all tablets have this issue and give everyone a free “smart cover” for their silence? Maybe, but it does seem that some recent owners of the new iPad 2 have had a more than normal amount of connection issues when connecting to Wi-Fi. The original iPad had its own Wi-Fi issues, where Apple ended up pushing out software updates sooner than expected to correct the issues.

Was iOS 4.3 pushed out a little early along with the iPad 2? Who’s to say really, except for maybe the users who are spealking their mind over the Wi-Fi issues in a 10+ page thread on Apple’s support forum already. It’s only been a couple weeks since its launch too.

[Via – Engadget | Apple]

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