DirecTV Remote App coming to Apple iPad ‘soon’ – looks worthy

• 24/02/2011


It may have been sometime coming, but DirecTV is finally putting out an app that will give it back some street cred with the home TV watcher/iPad owners guilds. It’s a remote app for the Apple iPad, and although it’s not ut just yet, it’s website at DirecTV says it’ll be out soon.

The app has several features such as customizable options and ability to display information from multiple sources at once. The home screen can show panels, which depending how you configure them, can show you ‘recently watched’, ‘Guide favs’, and keep you up to date on ‘Sports on Today’.

Al in all, it’s a pretty darn good remote app, even though it doesn’t stream content. Head over to DirecTV’s link below to find out more.

[via – Engadget]
[Source – DirecTV]

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