AT&T Generously giving 2GB add-on option for tethering

• 03/02/2011


AT&T is doing whatever they can to keep customers, especially after Verizon will be stealing their thunder this week with the iPhone4 launch, and various data plans available for it. With AT&T, if you had tethering before for your iPhone, you would use data pretty fast as the data amount didn’t change when you added it, rather, you just paid more for the feature.

Now, AT&T is adding another 2GB to any tethering plan, so you’ll actually have 4GB worth of bandwidth per month to use between devices tethering to your iPhone. That’s not bad at all. Keep the goods coming AT&T, you’re not out of the woods yet!

AT&T Mobile Hotspot application: The new feature will first be available February 13 with the in-store launch of the HTC Inspire™ 4G. Bundled with the AT&T Data Pro plan, customers will benefit from a total of 4GB for $45 per month.

· 2 GB of data added to tethering plans: In addition, also on February 13th, to bring AT&T’s smartphone tethering plan in line with the AT&T Mobile Hotspot offer, AT&T will automatically add the additional 2GB of monthly data usage to smartphone customers already on a tethering plan – at no extra charge. Customers will incur the same $20 monthly fee they’re accustomed to paying, only now they’ll receive an extra 2GB of data each month that can be used among all devices. (Customers will receive a text message from AT&T – as soon as February 13 – once the additional 2GB has been auto-added to their plan.)

[Source – mobilecrunch]

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