Apple’s Post-PC plan for World Domination

• 04/03/2011


If you caught any of the Apple keynote a couple days ago where they introduced the Apple iPad2 and iOS 4.3, you get a feeling that Apple just isn’t out to grab the Mobile market with its iPad, iPod and iPhone products. No sir, Apple is out to make you think you don’t even need a PC anymore by toting the term ‘Post-PC’ to the audience repeatedly. Much like you may see on your favorite TV station, TBS, Fox, or even your favorite radio station…they play the same commercials over and over and over. Beating it into our heads so we start thinking…’Hey, what do I have this stupid PC for anyway? I need an “iSomething”.

Apple is right in most respects, with the thousands and thousands of apps available that do so many different things. But wait…doesn’t Apple sell computers too? Yes, they do…but they don’t call those PC’s..they are Macs. They don’t say ‘Post-computer’ age…they say ‘Post-PC’. Clever.

The iPod, iPhone and now iPad are definitely changing the way we think of personal computing. No question we are entering into a new age of technology, where the PC is threatened by mobile device sales from smartphones and tablets. But, when it comes to professional media production and editing…Mobile Apps don’t come close. So, yes, we still need PC’s…well ok, we need computers. If it were up to Apple, every computing device we need, they can supply.

So, maybe we don’t need PC’s anymore? That’s what Apple is after. That single thought planted as a seed in our brains…

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