Apple will not be making an iPhone Nano says NYT

• 17/02/2011


According to the NewYork Times, Apple will not be looking into an iPhone Nano anytime soon as many have been stating the contrary lately. This is mainly in part to Apple’s stance on the size and ease of use, meaning, a smaller screen means less functionality. Also, developers would need to re-code many apps for the difference in screen size, something Android developers are used to, but something Apple doesn’t want to get used to.

Apple is not currently developing a smaller iPhone, according to people briefed on Apple’s plans who requested anonymity because the plans are confidential. Apple’s engineers are currently focused on finishing the next version of the iPhone, which is likely to be similar in size to the current iPhone 4, said one of the people. The person said Apple was not planning to introduce a smaller iPhone any time soon… in part because a smaller device would not necessarily be much cheaper to manufacture and because it would be more difficult to operate. More important, a phone with a smaller screen would force many developers to rewrite their apps, which Apple wants to avoid

What do you think? Are they making it, or are they really good at keeping us in the dark?

[Source – NYT]

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