Apple releases iMovie and GarageBand for iPad and iPhone too

• 10/03/2011


This is a bit of a strange strategy to get people to buy the new iPad2, allowing the best apps for it to be available for purchase on the original iPad and iPhone4. Yup, Apple is letting people who don’t have an iPad2 to buy and install the iMovie and GarageBand apps we loved so much in the iPad2 event for the same price of $5! I guess Apple is concerned with reasons to buy the iPad2, they know we’ll buy it anyway whether you can get the same apps on the 1st iPad or not. Damn Apple…why do you have to be so haughty!

For me though, those really were the only reasons I would get an iPad2, so now I can just get the currently marked down iPad and be good. I don’t need a front camera just yet, since nobody else I know has one yet, and we don’t really have the kickin 4G network coverage to support it anyway. If you’re reading this on an iPad, you can grab those apps from here.

‘Winning! I Win!’
[iTunes Link]

[iTunes Link]

[Source – Engadget]
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