Apple Q2 earnings released, iPad misses sales estimates

• 21/04/2011

Apple’s earnings for Q2 2011 were released yesterday. Not surprisingly, amid speculation, iPad sales estimates were way above the actual numbers, with iPad sales for Q2 2011 totaling 4.69 million units as opposed to the 7.33 million sold in Q2 2010. iPhone sales were up from the same quarter last year (8.75 million units), as well as Q1 2011 (16.24 million units), totaling 18.65 million units. iPod sales were also down, with total sales in Q2 2011 of 9.02 million units (Q2 2010 sold 10.89 million units and Q1 2011 sold 19.45 million units).

Apple’s reported revenue for the second quarter was $24.67 billion, with $5.99 billion in profit, up 95% from $3.07 billion Q2 2010.

[Via – BGR]
[Source – Business Wire]

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