Apple may hold iOS 5 event in April 2011

• 09/03/2011

Rumors are going around after a ‘trusted source’ revealed to German Apple blog Macerkopf that Apple would be holding it’s iOS 5 unveiling event in April. Some may think this is too soon as they just released iOS4.3 to the masses which had several significant changes in its feature set. That said though, Apple released iOS 4 last April 8th 2010, and like to do things on a yearly basis. That doesn’t mean it’ll be out in April, simply it’ll be announced with the features alongside.

Among the major revisions expected, iOS 5 should see changes in its notification system, as many have complained it’s disruptive. Apple has hired Rich Dellinger, who was responsible for the notification system on HP’s WebOS, which is hailed as slick and innovative.

[Via – BGR]
[Source –  macerkopf (translated)]

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