Apple manufacturing iPhone Nano – rumors are back

• 12/02/2011


There have always been rumors around the past few years that suggest Apple was considering making a smaller iPhone, or an “iPhone Nano” if you will. Bloomberg is reporting that a “person who has seen a prototype” has let the cat out of the bag, and because of that remains anonymous.

If these rumors have any truth tied to it, this year would be the right year to launch it, as the iPhone is finding it difficult to keep Android device popularity at bay. Apple launching a smaller iPhone, would be like a mid-range Android device, and thus, cost less than $500. Target price would be around $200 without a contract.

A move like this would possibly push the iPhone market share forward again as they would intend on selling these devices with any carrier as well, rather than locking it down to a couple of carriers, which many see is the reason Android devices have gained so much popularity in such a short time…ease of access.

We’ll have to see if this comes to light, so for now, it’s only a theory.

[Source – Bloomberg]

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