Apple iPhone4 explodes leaving injuries – video

• 17/02/2011


An iPhone4 purchased by Omar Huartas had a major malfunction with its battery and essentially exploded (had a meltdown) in his wife’s hand, causing her hand to burn. When the battery exploded, it apparently popped the back cover open, started on fire, where Omar’s wife dropped it on the as it continued to burn and emit enough smoke to set off their home smoke detectors.

Omar sent a tweet about the incident to @ceoSteveJobs, which is a parody twitter account, stating the following, “my name omar huertas your iphone 4 blew up in my wife hand battery i spoke with apple i need something done loss data kids pic.” The Apple store is currently dealing with the issue. Here’s a crazy re-enactment of the event…it’s worth a watch.

YouTube Preview Image

[Source – BGR]

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