iPhone5 Design is Super thin – real or fake?

• 15/01/2011


The new design of the iPhone5 seen above may be the slickest, thinest smartphone out there. This one’s not quite out there though…we have to wait a while before we see anything like this, even if people think this may be the “iPhone4,2″ from the code of iOS 4.3. Thing is, is that the design above is simply a concept, not any reality to it just yet.

What do you think? Considering how Apple likes to make everything smaller and thinner, with more power, is this design far off what we may see soon enough? Who knows, but I’d say it’s pretty close to the mark if Apple goes back to rounded edges on the iPhone rather than a big brick like the iPhone4 is now.

[via – intomobile]
[Source – HandyFlash]

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