Apple iPhone 5 to Get 1GB RAM, Assistant Feature

• 26/09/2011


Here’s yet another addition to the already clogged news related to the soon to arrive next generation iPhone from Apple. While we had already heard of the device getting the A5 SoC (System on Chip) that is already being used on the iPad for its processing needs, there was a slight doubt regarding the amount of RAM it would possess. Apparently, the news is, the iPhone 5 would get 1GB of RAM which will take it on par with the Samsung Galaxy S II on the specs sheet.

Another notable feature addition would be something known as the “Assistant”. This feature would be an enhanced version of the current “Voice Control” function you might have used on the iPhone. The software would let you talk to your phone to make calendar entries or simply let you navigate by saying out the destination to your phone. Sounds interesting.

You can also say something like “Send an SMS to Peter (already in your contacts list) saying that I want to meet him urgently” and the phone will actually do that! While we did have voice input, it wasn’t advanced enough to “understand” your spoken words.

This feature is said to be very accurate and that it works well irrespective of what accent you have. You wouldn’t need to talk slowly either. The feature seems to have been born out of Apple’s acquisition of Siri a former Apple developer who had developed a voice control based navigation app for iOS.

Note that this feature at least for the time being is just being rumored. All eyes now look forward to October 4 when Apple is likely to unveil the new iPhone at an event.

[Via 9 To 5 Mac]

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