Apple iPad 2 for kindergartners teaches them to read – what happened to books and teachers?

• 12/04/2011

apple ipad2 reading teach kindergartners

A debate in Maine has sparked as the city of Auburn’s school committee voted to pay for 285 Apple iPad2 tablets for kindergartners in their schools in hopes to raise the reading level from 63% to 90% by the year 2013. The Program will cost $200,000, which most likely is the debate…it’s always about money isn’t it.

Superintendent Tom Morrill says that a 5 year old child was given an iPad2 to learn letters and numbers which were difficult previously, but after just eight weeks, the child was back at grade level reading. Thus, they’d like to use this method with all kindergartners going forward.

As predictions are that iPads or Tablet devices in general will replace laptops as the main computing device, they want to get on board with this as soon as they can…also…while supplies last.

My question is…how can a $500 Tablet be better than a set of books that cost a fraction of that price? Seriously folks, the problem doesn’t seem to be that the kids aren’t learning, but rather, the schools and parents aren’t spending enough time with the kids using books that have worked for ages. Why is it only in the last 10 years that kids have such a hard time learning to read? Technology can’t solve everything…sometimes you just need time and focus.

Why don’t we just replace teachers with iPads…that’ll save enough salaries to buy enough tablets won’t it? What are the teachers there for if they can’t help kids to read in the first place? Shakes my head….

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