Apple blocks Sony Reader app from AppStore – wants a cut in-app

• 01/02/2011

sonyreader app

Big surprise here, Apple doesn’t want anyone making money through their appstore, unless they are sharing it. Sony’s Reader app was rejected from Apple saying that the reader needs to have “in-app purchasing” functionality for it to be approved and available through the iTunes AppStore, and will not allow apps that access externally purchased content stores. Hmm, what about Amazon or Kindle? No comments from Apple have been given as of yet. The reader app is available for Android devices though…score 1 for Google, 0 for Apple.

Update via Engadget;

Looks like McCracken nailed it — Apple’s come out with a statement pointing out that the App Store guidelines require that apps that allow content purchases must also allow them in-app through Apple’s official iTunes-backed system. We can’t imagine that Sony is thrilled with the idea of cutting Apple in on Reader content, but if they want to play ball, they should be able to score an approval. Notably, Apple says that they are “now requiring” this even though the guidelines haven’t changed, suggesting they’re just now getting around to enforcing it; the effect on iOS’ Kindle and Nook apps isn’t yet known, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple started nudging them in the direction of pushing updates. More on this situation as we have it.

[Source – Engadget]

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