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• 18/04/2011

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Apple is no stranger to the court room over the past few years, especially after putting out the iPhone back in 2007. People and companies alike have all tried to take down Apple in some way or another, either for patent infringements, or privacy issues. Now however, a Pennsylvania man has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in San Francisco claiming that the basis of the suit lies with how Apple is targeting children and minors into buying expensive in-app game addons and apps. He claims that children are buying addon content without realizing the impact it may have on their parents bills. We covered a story back in February regarding the same concerns where parents are seeing higher credit card bills from iTunes app purchases.

This suit is directing attention to some of the games targeting kids like “Smurf’s Village” or “Farmville”, which can easily add-on an additional $100 or so for add-on content to help the player get through the game. The claim also says that Apple has made it necessary for minors to “agree” to the policy for buying games and using the itunes app store, where the policy should be void if agreed by a minor.

Here’s our standpoint, as it was still back in February…parents, know what your children are doing online and on their mobile devices! They are minors and as much as they can’t be held responsible for these actions, they also shouldn’t be given the opportunity to do them by you giving them an iPhone or iPad Touch to buy games with in the first place! Sorry, but don’t cry about your credit card bill from iTunes after you gave your child the password to your iTunes account. Likewise, don’t be upset when the whiskey is empty after giving your kids the key to the  liquor cabinet and leaving them alone over the weekend. Surprise…what would you expect to happen?!

I have no doubt Apple will get out of this one easily. How is Apple supposed to know that the kid using his/hers parent’s apple ID for purchases is a child and not the parent?

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