Angry Turds is like Angry Birds but makes us giggle more

• 01/02/2011

Angry Turds

Have you ever felt the deep desire to fling cow dung? Have you ever noticed that people can’t help but giggle when talking about poop or flatulence? Do you love Angry Birds? If you answered yes to those questions, you’re going to love Angry Turds in the iTunes AppStore! Yes, I said Angry Turds! See, I know you’re laughing already!

The gameplay is just like Angry Birds, which seems to be all the games coming out now, as you throw stuff like coconuts, bananas, rocks and poop-piles on your targets gaining points. The touch-action is the same as Angry Birds, but no slingshot. Also as in Angry Birds, your weapons have different features and strengths to tear your targets down.

Funniest part, Apple censored the word “turds” for t**ds. LOL. See the AppStore description below;

“There is only one way to stop them, throw some t**ds! With your arsenal of t**ds, coconuts, poop bombs and bananas”

Check it out, it’ll be worth hours of entertainment I’m sure.

[Source – App Genius, techcrunch]

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