Adobe Photoshop CS5 apps coming to the Apple iPad – no reason not to buy one now

• 11/04/2011

adobe photoshop cs5 app ipad apple

Really, there has only ever been a couple reasons why someone would decide against buying a Tablet versus just keeping a laptop or desktop computer.
1) Computer applications such as recording software, or media editing software
2) precision use that touchscreens simply can’t perform, where a mouse or stylus is preferred.

Well, Apple is doing everything they can to make those problems go away. Adding garageband and iMovie apps for the ipad was the first great move, now we have Adobe Photoshop apps allowing you to do your media editing on the go. The apps are called Adobe Eazel (for finger painting), Adobe Nav (ability to move controls from desktop photoshop application to the iPad) and Adobe Color Lava (color mixing palette which can push palettes directly to CS5 on the computer).

The apps will be available in the iTunes App Store sometime in May 2011, and will be $1.99 – $4.99 each.

[Via – BGR | youtube]

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