“They are Coming!” Attack the Zombies with Zombie Juice

• 28/09/2011

“Now, the Zombies are coming!” but do not worry, attack them with Zombie Juice.

This app was seen in the “New and Noteworthy” list in the 19 countries, and Zombie Juice iPad app is also available in iPhone. You can try it if you want to experience another adventure with the attacking the Zombies. This app starts with a theme called “Zompocalype.” The city has been attacked by the siege of zombies and the first thing you must do is to keep yourself safe at their attacks.

Zombie Juice  gives you excitement as you fight these zombies. You are provided with weapons to keep them away from your lawn by slashing them and giving them Juice. Make sure you don’t smash the cute dogs running around. They will turn into big ugly fast zombie dogs. They can reach faster to your garden. You can defend your territory around your garden fence with the help of the Garden Gnomes, consider them as your allies before you fall back to sleep so you can defend yourself from the monsters lurking in your closet. You have household items as your weapons in carrying out our task to prevent the Zombies.

Zombie Juice iPad App

This app is easy to play, there are two available levels in Zombies Juice. You can choose for the “Survival Mode” which is the current mode when you open the app, and the “Freak Out Mode” which gives the gamer 90 seconds to kill all the Zombies as soon as possible.

Zombies Juice is fast and fun game. It has colorful characters, and I enjoyed pounding many Zombies before they even get close to my lawn. I love the theme, and there are so many surprises and progressive numbers of Zombies coming out giving me a thriller gaming experience. I hope in the next upgrade, there will be more game modes to choose from.

Zombie Juice iPad App
The Zombies Juice iPad app has 2-5 star ratings. Satisfied customers gave five-star ratings because they enjoyed their juicy fight with the Zombies. Some customers find the game boring because of the repetitive game moves of slashing and juicing the Zombies.

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