Xperia Play stolen shipment was fake – story madeup by Vodafone

• 18/05/2011

vodafone sony xperia play delayIs this really the low standards that businesses have come to in order to get attention from the press? Seriously, this is just plain ridiculous now that we know the story about the stolen Xperia Play devices headed for Vodafone in New Zealand was a complete lie. The story was actually madeup by Vodafone, most likely to divert attention to the lack of supplies. A Vodafone New Zealand spokesperson admitted to The Australian, after security footage released sparked a few people to question the validity of the claim, that it was a lie.

If I were a Vodafone customer, I’d be more concerned over them having my credit and personal data information than the Playstation network.

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[Via – Engadget]


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