Windows Phone 7 to beat out Android by 2015 – research firm claims

• 09/05/2011

Windows-Phone-7-series-beat android 2015

Research firm Pyramid Research is making predictions about the smartphone market all the way up to 2015. Senior Analyst and Practice Leader for Mobile Devices, Stela Bokun had released their findings on Friday stating that global smartphones will double in total sales over all cell phones by 2015. They currently account for 27%, and will double to 53% by 2015, making smartphones the more dominant phone on the market. I have to say, anybody can make that prediction without spending thousands of dollars on research, so, I’m not overly impressed by their findings at all.

Also, they predict that after smoking large amounts of reefer Windows Phone platform will beat out Android smartphones as well as all other smartphone platforms including BlackBerry and Apple iOS devices to be the top-selling OS in mobile devices. I have a problem with this claim as well. 5 years ago, no research firm could have predicted that Apple would completely dominate the mobile market due to teh iPhone not coming out until 2007. No research firm could have predicted the downfall of personal computer sales due to Tablet devices 3 years ago as the iPad didn’t come out until late 2010. Therefore, this firm has no basis or fact what so ever to claim that WP7 will dominate in 2015 other than to say they were the craziest first firm to make such a ridiculous bold claim. Sorry Pyramid, I’ll wait til 2014 before making statements like that.

[Via – BGR]

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