Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom tablet and silver Xoom in Dubai

• 10/02/2011

After some rather odd rumors that Verizon was locking down the Motorola Xoom 3G Tablet unless buyers also purchased at least 1 month of wireless data service, there may be a solution for those who still want the Xoom.  A Wi-Fi version seems to be on the table at the FCC being called a “wireless Tablet with embedded WLAN.”

No word about the price of such a Tablet device but let’s hope it’s less than the $800 MSRP for Motorola Xoom 3G.

Meantime, in Dubai, what appears to be a silver version (really, two toned with some black) of the Motorola Xoom was spotted and snapped for our viewing pleasure.  It looks pretty flash, but we aren’t sure if we’ll end up seeing that one over on our continent any time soon.  It would be nice, don’t you think?

Check it out:

[Source – Engadget]

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