We Underestimated the iPhone, Says Sony Ericsson CEO

• 04/10/2011

One moment of neglect can lead to a lifetime of regret. That’s exactly true for Sony Ericsson’s leading man and CEO Bert Nordberg. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the daunted CEO expressed his deep remorse about the huge success of the iPhone saying “we should have taken the iPhone more seriously when it arrived in 2007.” It’s a bitter pill to swallow. For a mobile communications company that started way back in 2001, it’s hard to admit that an ally-turned-rival company such as Apple could threaten its entire business.

With a battered market share that is falling short behind Research In Motion, Norgberg said that the company is now planning to erase its feature phone business in 2012 to focus more on developing Android-based devices. When asked why Sony Ericsson has not yet ventured into newer technologies such as LTE and dual-core processrors, the CEO explained that they are still very careful about investing on those new areas since there is no guarantee that it will sell big in market. Now we’re starting to wonder if it is a “Mr. Play-it-safe is afraid to fly” situation.

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On the contrary, Nordberg still has high hopes about the future, citing the company’s major shift to the Android platform as a game changer. “By now, some 70% of our sales stem from smartphones and sometime in the middle of next year, I estimate that we will be a complete smartphone company,” he said. Before the interview ended, the CEO humorously admitted that Sony Ericsson was also interested in buying Motorola Mobility – until Google finally bought it. Nordberg said “before you go shopping, you have to become rich.” We certainly hope that Sony Ericsson will soon catch up.


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