Warheads – a retake on Missile Command with 3D graphics. Get it Free today

• 20/09/2011

WarHeads – Destroy all missiles.

Remember the classic Missile Command? This is similar.

Blow up incoming missiles by tapping where you want to detonate. Defend your
3D moon base with the rotating point-of-view and hit bonus crates delivered via parachute.

App Store Reviews:

Missile Command by another name (faithful to the classic, beautiful on Androids) If your phone/Tablet can play Warheads this COULD be the one to show friends what your Android device can do.  This version has almost everything from the old Atari classic Missile Command and enhances it with beautiful 3D graphics and animation effects. Optionally, you can post your score to Facebook and get achievements and see your place on the leaderboard if you turn on OpenFeint.

Decent time waster. Seems to just be an update of the classic missile command.

Missile Command on crack. I don’t know how many of you took a hand at rolling the huge ball in the arcades, but Missile Command was one of my favorite games. Warheads is a retake on the classic game, with all the original elements and a few new ones added in. Warheads is very nice one the eyes, with rich graphics and buttery smooth performance. Missiles, landscape, and explosions are all done in nice detail.

Very fun game! This could be the perfect action game for touchscreens. Just tap and watch things explode! It may seem shallow, but it’s really quite engaging, and can be quite a challenge. The visuals are really very good (although, I almost prefer the look when the visual detail turned down.) My only complaint is the lack of game modes, and the sound is a bit weak, but that’s really just nitpicking. Overall, I definitely recommend this game!

Blast on!



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