Very shiny Acer Liquid mt shown at MWC 2011 – images and video

• 14/02/2011

The Acer Liquid mt (mt for ‘metal’), is one sexy little smartphone! Sure it’s running Android 2.2, it’s burning a humble 800MHz Processor, with a 3.6 inch touchscreen..yes we understand those aren’t the grweatest specs hardware-wise. But look at the mold…it’s made of METAL, shiny shiny metal…(as I listen to dual guitar harmonies in my head).

All in all, Acer has done a pretty sweet job with the UI over Froyo, which they promise will be upgraded to Gingerbread very ‘soon’. The UI has several features and functions that still run on top of the lock screen, allowing you to access information without having to unlock and load an app. Genius. The hardware looks awesome, and on top of that, they’ve built in different color illuminations for notifications beneath the ‘metal’ topside. Have a look at the gallery and video to get a grasp. Don’t drool though.

[Source – Engadget]

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