Verizon placing GPS warning labels on all phones sold

• 01/05/2011

verizon gps tracking location label sticker

To put this in perspective, if you have a smartphone, it’s likely tracking something about you, either directly from the OS itself, be it Android or iOS, or from one of the 100′s of apps you’ve installed. Facebook, twitter, Foursquare, Poynt, Google Maps, Bing Maps, the list goes on and on, and pretty much everyone has at least one of these installed on their device.

The fact that Google tells you and gives you an option when you first start their device that it wants to track you, gives you an idea that they all do in some way, just happens that Google is more up front about it and respects you privacy more than Apple and Microsoft do.

Verizon is taking this to the next level, most certainly only to remove themselves as being implicated in selling a device that tracks your moves. But regardless, they want to make sure you know if you buy one of their devices, you may be tracked. It’s silly and stupid, and it’s just another kindergarten warning label that we as humans shouldn’t actually need, but because we feel the need to slap lawsuits on anyone and anything that may move in a direction we don’t fully agree with or give individual permission to do so, we have to sue them, as if money will somehow make everything OK… ‘boohoo, they’re tracking me, and it makes e feel funny…boohoo…”

[Via – MobileCrunch]

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