Verizon confirms Voice Over LTE for voice and video calling

• 09/02/2011


Verizon plans to launch Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) for its next generation voice network in a statement made to CNN. Verizon should be making this statement an official Press Release at MWC next week as well, along with demonstrations. The plan is to route all mobile data including text, data packets, voice and video calling over its LTE network in the future. As you can see by the map above, there’s not much LTE coverage outside of a few major cities currently, which means a lot of work for Verizon coming up.

We’ll just have to see how they roll this out and price it. Data plans are already high priced for the amount of data used, and when people have access to video calling non stop as more devices support it, that data is going to skyrocket. At least LTE can handle the load.

[Source – BGR, CNN]

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