Verizon changing data plans to tiered usage this summer – adding family plan

• 19/05/2011

verizon family data plan tiered data

Reuters spilled the beans today in a report that shows Verizon Wireless will be giving their data plans an overhaul by eliminating ‘unlimited’ data plans and bringing in ‘Tiered data’ plans. This will essentially make those heavy data users pay more for their plan, and have smaller/cheaper data plans for those who use much less. Reuters also showed Verizon Communications’ CFO Fran Shammo stating the following;

after this change, which forces heavy data users to pay more, the company will look to soften the blow by offering more options such as family plans for data services.

This will be loved by the light data users and hated by the heavy ones, but as people move into more and more data plans and devices, especially with tablets selling well, Verizon could stand to make much more money in the long run. Data usage never goes down really anymore, especially after Netflix hits all devices. That said, Verizon will also be introducing a family data plan, which seems to be the trend for carriers, and a slick way to make the parents feel better about giving their 11 year old a cell phone.

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[Via – BGR]

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