TrickyLeaks for Android is Wikileaks altered reality – video app review

• 29/04/2011

tricky leaks for android game wikileaks

TrickyLeaks is a game that just hit the Android Market earlier this week, which you can tell by the number of reviews and downloads on the Android Market. Aside from that, the game will cost you $1.00 US, bringing you an altered reality in the realm of WikiLeaks, the popular site that got a lot of bad press for leaking company and government secrets online. The founder, Julian Assange, is trapped in this game.

Aside from the real world of WikiLeaks, this game tries to play off their antics by getting you to try and stop YOUR company secrets from making it online and getting ‘leaked’. The game is hard and fast-paced…too fast paced in my opinion, but the graphics actually keep up well. My biggest piece of advice for the developer is to make this a free app, and put advertising on it like Rovio’s Angry Birds, it’ll get adopted much faster by the public.

Have a look at the video review below to get a good look at the game before you buy.

[Android Market Link]

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