Top 3 Twitter Apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android devices

• 03/05/2011


Ever wonder which Twitter app you should use? There’s as many twitter apps out there as there are options of toothpaste to choose from, so we’ve decided to make you’re life a little easier and give you the best of what’s out there for either your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

1) TweetDeck

TweetDeck is probably the fastest growing application out there for iOS or Android devices. Helps that its also compatible with any computer you may have as well, be it Windows PC, Mac or Linux. It not only has twitter functionality, but it can also allow you to add in your Facebook, multiple Twitter accounts, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, MySpace and FourSquare. Tweetdeck allows you to schedule tweets as well from any account you specify. Added features include support for longer tweets using and URL shortneing by if you have an account. You can choose the pic service to use as well, and customize the columns viewed.

The app is free for all platforms and available in the links below.

tweetdeck iphone
iTunes Link]

tweetdeck android

[Android Market Link]


2) Seesmic

Seesmic does essentially the same thing that TweetDeck does, minus the ability to schedule tweets. It’s a multiple account/social network reader interface which will support Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, and It has a bit more of a bland interface from what you may see in TweetDeck, but still allows a little options for appearances. While TweetDeck has a great looking widget for Android, Seesmic has ‘Shortcuts’ which are basically widgets, but more defined in their role with Seesmic. ┬áSeesmic also offers Salesforce Chatter support if that’s a deal breaker for twitter clients in your business use. A nice feature. Again, just like TweetDeck, it can share photos, video and location to any of the multiple accounts you choose to update with.

Seesmic is also free for all devices.

seesmic iphone

[iTunes App Link]

seesmic android

[Android Market Link]

3) HootSuite

HootSuite is probably the most powerful of these 3, but may not be you’re choice for a couple of reasons. First, HootSuite runs in a browser rather than a standalone application like Seesmic or TweetDeck. This can bring the benefit of utilizing the HootSuite servers to sync your devices using it, as well as making it easier to ensure scheduled tweets and updates continue to go out even if you close your HootSuite window, or it can be a bad thing due to the HootSuite program being slowed down by the browsers performance, which can very depending on what browser you use, as well as the computer you’re using it on. Second, HootSuite has so many different options that it can be overwhelming for people who just want a social network tool to manage updates, however, most of those overwhelming features are only available in the Paid versions, not the free version.

All versions of HootSuite support Twitter, Facebook, Facebook pages, LinkedIn,, WordPress, MySpace, FourSquare and mixi accounts. On top of that, you can add RSS/Atom feeds to it and tell HootSuite to automatically tweet or send updates to any account you specify several times a day, which is a fantastic tool I wish TweetDeck and Seesmic would add in. Having this feature is great for sending out updates and messages from a favorite site you always follow that you like sharing with your social networks. It works flawlessly. Scheduled updates are easy to place, and when you push an update to Facebook, it gives you the option to select an image to place with the post, something most other twitter clients who support Facebook fail at.

There are different themes to choose from as well, so you can easily customize the interface and appearance, as well as totally revamp the way your timelines are displayed, where Seesmic and TweetDeck don’t quite have the freedom of re-organizing the layout quite like HootSuite does.

For the Paid versions, you can include stats and analytics from Facebook pages and Google Analytics, all easily seen within the HootSuite interface. You can also see which tweets are popular and how many retweets there may have been. You can add seats, allowing you to add team members to manage specific feeds, making this a shared resource for running a business, and of course, custom reports can be created as well to suit your metric needs. This really is the full suite for social network management.

hootsuite iphone

[iTunes App Link]

hootsuite android

[Android Market Link]

Final Verdict

While TweetDeck and Seesmic have great appearance options, and they operate as standalone applications, HootSuite has so many more options available that it’s hard not to want to use it over the others. If you’re a single person managing your own social network streams, any of these will do the trick. If you’re managing your own and possibly any business or other social network profiles, HootSuite by far is the tool to use whether it be the free version for its scheduling and Facebook integration abilities, or the paid versions for the added features of team collaboration, analytics and reports to name a few among many.

Let us know which tool you use by taking our poll below!

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