T-Mobile loses almost half a million customers in Q1 2011

• 09/05/2011


T-Mobile didn’t appear to have such a great Q1 2011 report, as they lost 471,000 some customers, including those off-contract. That’s a huge decline in subscribers, and not good for setting the stage for the rest of 2011. Does this have anything to do with AT&T’s request to aquire T-Mobile? Not sure, as AT&T grew by 2 million + customers during the same timeframe. Verizon also saw a jump after offering the Apple iPhone on their network.

Why T-Mobile why? We love your commercials and marketing ploys much better than AT&T’s, heh, especially when you make fun of AT&T. But I guess that will all be over soon when they swallow you up whole and pick their teeth with your Sidekick 4G customer base. Pity.

[Via – MobileCrunch]

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